1. I’ve already had that meal! #mcm #tbt #meangirls

  2. We are all buda! #sundayfunday #meditation

  3. Can I get this as a late birthday gift or early Christmas present? #beyonce #mrscarter #coffee #keepmeonmygrind #instagay

  4. When kind notes are handed around campus It truly brightens my day! #beautiful day (at UCF Reflection Pond)

  5. I don’t want sex, give a fuck about your ex, I don’t want a text from y’all niggas. #instagay #gaybro #reality #lookinassnigga

  6. I am in timeout. Oh wait, is this really timeout……nice!


  7. Follow my new blog, Y’all. I won’t be using this one. 

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    Michaels face whenever I say something sassy and cunty! Our lunches are always the best!

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    You college kids know it

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    Shameless gym selfie.

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  15. brandiglanville:

    i’m an undercover azealia banks stan. image

    I’m not even undercover about it tbh..

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